Leftover Easter Eggs that you NEED to get rid of?

We all know how it goes. Friends and family are generous over Easter, easter eggs hang around for weeks following the long weekend and we find ourselves religiously snacking or finding excuses to eat an egg to get rid of it…

We’ve been trying out a few different ideas in the cucumber kitchen to free our cupboards of eggs and create treats good enough to share (or not…). Take a look at our favourites, get your children involved too for boredom busting fun over the Easter holidays.

Happy Baking!


350g Easter Egg chocolate
125g butter
2 tbsp golden syrup
200g digestive biscuits
175g mini eggs
Any other decorative sweet treats!

This is the most simple of the lot. Basically, this recipe involves melting down mountains of Easter eggs (tip: use a mixing bowl over a saucepan of boiling water – this will help the chocolate melt without burning). Set aside a little chocolate to melt later on during decorating.

Add butter & golden syrup – keep stirring.

Put your digestive biscuits in a sandwich bag/freezer and beat them with a rolling pin. Let the children get involved if you’re feeling brave… Once complete, add these to the mixture and stir in.

Line a deep baking tray/tin with greaseproof paper and pour mixture in.

Set in fridge for 1 hour. Remove and decorate with rest of chocolate (melted down). Use mini eggs to stick in the drizzled meted chocolate for decoration. Decoration can be as simple or fantastically creative as you desire!

Then, square and share!



2 Ready made puff pastry sheets
Easter Egg chocolate – use as much or as little as you want. Note: Creme Eggs work amazingly in this recipe!
1 egg

Start by melting your chocolate using a mixing bowl over a saucepan of boiling water.

Roll out your pastry sheet.

Spread a generous layer of chocolate over your sheet, being careful to cover ALL edges and corners.

Roll your other pastry sheet and lay on top. Make sure they are the same size and in-line.

Using a pizza cutter, cut your pastry into strips around 4cm thick.

Once complete, take an end of a strip in each hand using your finger and thumb and twist from both ends.

Line a baking tray with greaseproof paper and lay strips onto tray. Beat an egg and lightly wash over your strips using a pastry brush for a golden finish.

Cook for 20 mins at 200C. Best served slightly warm.



3 Large Bananas
6 Avocado Halves, pipped
Easter Egg Chocolate
2 tbsp Coconut oil
100g Peanuts, crushed
50g Coconut, flaked
20g Sea Salt
Lolly sticks or Toothpicks

Melt your chocolate down using a mixing bowl over a saucepan full of boiling water. Add your coconut oil and stir.

Put your peanuts, coconut and salt into small dishes for rolling.

Cut your bananas and avocado into bitesize chunks and stick onto the ends of your lolly sticks/toothpicks. Make sure the stick does not go all the way through the chunk, we want this to be a blunt end.

Dunk your banana & avocado chunks into the chocolate so that they are fully coated. You may want to use a spoon to help completely cover in chocolate.

Next, dip into your topping of choice. Use your fingers to sprinkle any extra if necessary.

Stand on a baking tray lined with greaseproof paper.

Once solid, put your bites into the freezer. Eat straight from freezer for best results.

Let us know if you try any different toppings on your bites – we’d love to see pictures!



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